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Social Media Intern

Full Job Description

Job description

The job of a social media marketer is to utilize his marketing and social media management skills to ensure a strong social media presence for the business, contributing to the overall business growth both in terms of brand perception and profitability. In an always-online, interconnected world, this is a full-time role that includes various responsibilities. Here’s what a typical job description for the social media marketer role looks like:

Role and responsibilities

Conceptualize and create social media marketing campaigns and strategies, including budget planning and allocation; content ideation and distribution; and implementation schedule

Grow and expand the company’s social media presence into new platforms, while enhancing its presence on existing platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram

Plan, create, distribute, and schedule engaging written or graphic content in the form of e-newsletters, web page content, blogs, and social media messages

Create a regular publishing schedule and implement it through an editorial calendar to plan, manage and promote specific, timely marketing campaigns

Create brand awareness and ensure a strong online reputation through constant engagement and well-planned, timely, accurate and platform-relevant updates across social media

Stay updated with all new developments within the organization, through constant interactions with other teams such as advertising, product development, brand management, sales, etc. for ensuring brand consistency across all social messages

Engage with customers through content aimed at turning prospects or followers into customers and existing customers to social media brand advocates

Train and guide social media and marketing team members on social media implementation best practices and strategies

Research and monitor competitors’ social media activities to ensure brand safety and success

Report progress and growth on all social campaigns to senior marketing management

Support sales by cultivating leads from social media campaigns through a planned approach

Collect and analyze customer data about visits and interactions to create comprehensive reports and use that information to improve future marketing strategies and campaigns.

Skill requirements

Content creation and design: To be able to create or supervise clear, concise, and gripping content for social media and other website posts, a social media marketer needs to be adept at content creation skills. A sense of design, along with an understanding of what kind of visuals or design elements are well-suited for specific social media platforms, comes in handy in planning, creating, and distributing content effectively across platforms.

Understanding of social media marketing tools: There are plenty of social media tools out there that make the social media marketer’s job easy, however, it’s important to know which tools offer solutions specific to your company’s requirements. An in-depth understanding of the tools and their features and the ability to connect that with specific organizational requirements basis the maturity of its tech stack allows a social media marketer to adopt the right tools.

Technology and data analysis: This job is not just about being creative but also requires a strong understanding of technology especially data management and analytics to be able to schedule, manage and improve upon the content experience of the customers across social media and companies’ online posts. A social media marketer should be able to leverage customer data from social media platforms and the company’s customer data platform (CDP) to plan and strategize effective and relevant campaigns across social platforms.

Agility and willingness to learn: The love for social voice, tone, style, and an understanding of the internet culture is a required skill for any social media marketer. Since social media itself is fast-paced and ever-evolving, this role requires agility and an enthusiasm to learn and adapt to the new developments in the space.

Collaboration and project management: A hands-on social media marketer should possess strong project management skills to be able to plan, schedule, and implement timely online posts and relevant campaigns. Additionally, to stay abreast of organizational changes and align with other functions or departments such as product development, brand management, design, IT, and so on, one requires excellent collaboration skills.

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Social Media Intern at Plugz Strategic Services
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